Poz Mikey


Do I Believe?

So last night I watched the original black and white"Miracle On the 34th Street!" It got me to thinking during this holiday season. Do I believe in Santa Clause? No I do not anymore but I do believe in miracles and that wishes do come true.

In this harsh world with all that's going on right now, I must believe that there are miracles on this world. I believe that there is some type of higher being who placed me here for a purpose. I believe that some of my wants and wishes will come true.

I believe in the human race and that we will live in peace and harmony one day. I believe that we will take care of those who need our help. I believe that we will cure all the illness in this world.

Most of all I believe in myself. I believe that some how I'm going to be alright no matter what happens to me. I believe that my reward will be given once I leave this world. I believe that my work isn't done here yet in this world. I do believe!!


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