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The Doctor

I have been coughing a lot for the past week and a half. Yesterday I awoke early to try to see my doctor. Well I arrived about 7:30 am and went threw the proper steps to see him. There was one catch yesterday. The place I go to the computer had crashed so they couldn't look up anything!!

They had a print out of appointments from Friday and gave me a morning appointment to see a doctor at 9:45 then told me the gave the appointment to someone else. They told me to go home and call them at 11:00 so I did what I was told.

The computer rebooted by then and was told now I had to wait till after 1:00 to see if my doctor would see me. So I waited again for another 2 hours. When I called back I was told the person I needed to check in with was in a meeting. So I waited again till 2:00 and still no one hadn't check with my doctor to see if he could see me.

She was still in a meeting and my last gay nerve was plucked by this time. I called one of the nurses who deal with HIV/AIDS to see if she would talk to my doctor to see if he could see me. About 15 minutes later, I get a call from her to say he could see me.

When arrived back at my doctors office they finally let me in and put me into a room. Now this is about 2:30 pm and I've been trying since 7:30 in the morning. He listened to my chest and didn't like what he herd. He was afraid I had pneumonia so I had a chest x-ray and some blood drawn.

Well my chest was clear (thank god) and I have a bad respiratory infection so he wrote a script for the infection. I went to my pharmacy and I waited another hour and a half to get that filled. So let me just tell you it took 11 1/2 hours to deal with this health issue. No wonder Michael Moore thinks the health care system in this country is "Sicko!"


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