Poz Mikey



Well I went to the doctors on Monday about my back. I have been having serveer spasms and trying to pick up my medications since Monday. Basically my friends they said it might take a week to get them. Thank God they will be covered but it takes awhile. Till then I'm suffering almost in silence. Not trying to complain to much to my roomies. They have helped me so much during this back pain. So thank you Parker and you Chris for helping me in my time of need. Bay I didn't forget you either your an amazing woman. You have been a real trooper during this ordeal. Thank you. New Scrabble word for you. Equus : meaning family of horses, asses (I won't get into that one) zebras, mules, and extinct generas. It's also a great play. Check it out.


  • I love you Mikey and I hate to see you hurting this way.

    By Anonymous bay, At 10:39 AM  

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