Poz Mikey


Carmen and Foreskin

Laying in bed Saturday morning all nice and cozy I suddenly bolt. I here drum line ready. 1..2..3....Go. Then I hear Carmen playing. You know the song. No not the toriador song, but the rose song. Hell, where is Haley Berry when you need her. So to my surprise. There was a marching band outside my bedroom window. I remember there was this one time at band camp. LOLOL. Last night my back was hurting so I smoked a little medical. Bay, Parker, Chris and myself decided to play Scrabble. So I look down and start rearranging my letters. Then out of the blue I start laughing uncontrollably. Everyone looked at me weird. Chris looked over at my letters and started cracking up. What did my letters spell. Foreskin. I played all 7 letters!! Do you know you can get at least 70 points (and have a fun night) with foreskin?


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