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Ok, it seems that everyone in the house are making all types of list. Parker and his IKEA list. His I want list on everything. Chris makes pros and cons lists on each and every potential new ex boyfriend. So I decided to break down and make one of my own. Some of my wishes are with in reason. Others might be a little far fetch at this time. So my friends and fellow bloggers here is some of my wish list. This is in no particular order. A web cam, a well paying job, a computer table, a new bedroom suit, a long term relationship, a motorized vehicle to get around better, lots of new DVD's, that someone would find a cure for HIV, a large lithograph for my one wall, a massage table(I had to sell mine last year when I got really sick), get my massage therapist certificate, to be able to afford my own place in a nice complex, a MP3 player (Ipod), to try cherries jubilee. I am sure there is more my friends. There is one I'm leaving out for certain reasons, but my closest friends and house mates know about that wish. So I say ado till tomorrow.


  • well i could see the web cam AND the well-paying job being one in the same and as for the other...i'll see what i can do.

    love you muchly,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:33 PM  

  • I found my way here via Jules. I've got a computer desk sitting in my garage that I'll probably never use again, and so you're welcome to it. I've got a webcam around somewhere too, if I can find it you're welcome to that too.

    my email is judy@twitterpated.org

    By Anonymous Judy, At 3:01 PM  

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