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What Was She Thinking

I should have saved this one for tomorrow, but it's too good not to pass along today. You all know I love to laugh and have a warped sense of humor. This one was on my Yahoo home page. Click here to read the article I'll be laughing at all night.


  • Was there an additional fine for not having the body wearing a seatbelt?

    By Anonymous H.F. Peterman, At 7:29 PM  

  • Scheisse! Ich fass' es nicht!

    By Blogger WAT, At 7:43 PM  

  • Holy crap, that's hilarious. Disturbing the peace...of a DEAD PERSON?! I feel "Weekend at Bernie's III: Rockin' the Autobahn" coming on!

    By Blogger Karl, At 8:54 PM  

  • saving a penny, i like to think my mother would be proud.

    By Blogger Jules, At 11:29 PM  

  • That sounded like a joke from the very beginning, classic stuff.


    By Blogger Nocturnal, At 2:22 AM  

  • poor woman- not only is her mom dead and she is (obviously) broke, now she has to pay a fine!? heartless i tell ya!

    :) sizz

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 8:26 AM  

  • That sounds like an American law. It has to be. Only we could be that stupid. I think Lexington, KY, has a "no ice cream cone in your backpocket" law. What does that tell you?

    By Blogger kapgar, At 8:41 AM  

  • That is so dumb. I wouldn't have known that

    By Blogger JAX, At 9:36 AM  

  • "The corpse was not wearing a seat belt, which in this case doesn't really matter..."

    Nice. Um , yeah, cause they're dead.

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 10:02 AM  

  • Fur das Liebes G-tt! Too, too funny.

    By Blogger Ariel1980, At 10:08 AM  

  • "The corpse was on the back seat without a seat belt, which in this case didn't really matter. But it was covered up with clothing. It is a misdemeanor."

    so if the corpse was naked, it would have been ok? Or it was a lesser offense because if was clothed... or were the clothing offensive too...

    hahahaha... after the day I've had

    By Anonymous Nat, At 3:03 PM  

  • Woah... I do not know whether to laugh or feel sick. Either way, that is the most f*cked up thing I have heard all week!

    By Anonymous kilax, At 3:49 PM  

  • omg. that's bizarre. i love the bit about the corpse not wearing a seat belt...

    By Blogger suze, At 6:27 PM  

  • I promise, Mikey, I have no old dead ladies in my car. I thought about the article for a second. The mortuary released the body . . . why didn't they warn the woman about driving around with a dead body??

    By Blogger Claire, At 2:15 AM  

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