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Another AZT Update And Answer

The Sound is quiet on this Video.


  • Mikey! Good to see you feeling better! I caught up on the goings on here. You look much better today. I hope the docs and nurses get your meds straight and you continue to feel well. Thanks for the tour of your room. The alien thing you painted rocked my socks! :)
    Lois Lane

    By Blogger No_Newz, At 3:08 PM  

  • Mikey...you looked great on this video! I totally agree with ya on the "Flav" issue...I can NOT stand to watch that show...it's just nasty and degrading to himself and the participants!
    Your backyard seems so peaceful and relaxing. I'm glad you are ok and hope things go well for you. HUGS!!

    By Anonymous Renee, At 4:31 PM  

  • Mikey this was my favorite of your vid blogs so far. You look and sounded great and I can tell you're energy is a bit better.
    Makes me happy.
    That was me about Flavor Fave.. I just can't understand how some shows like this make it and others don't. I guess its the gross factor and the "I can't believe this is on TV" appeal...

    Again happy you are feeling better.

    Anxious to hear what the doc says.

    There is a bad storm and flood warmning until 7:45 so I dont know if I'll make it back on tonight in case you read this soon.

    By Anonymous SpecialGirlShari, At 7:15 PM  

  • I love this video, Mikey!! You look and sound good, and I'm thrilled to hear you're feeling better, too!

    So now when we're chatting and you say you have to head out to grab a cig I'll know where you are. Hmmm, is there where I say how great it would be if you quit smoking? Hee-hee, I just HAD to say that since I know it's a pet peeve of yours. ;)

    Continued improvement, my dear!♥

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 11:52 PM  

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