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Americas Most Wanted (A Reposting)

I'm reposting one of my personal favorite post today. This is for my newest readers.

John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted up dated us this week with the most recent addition to the F.B.I. 's 10 most wanted list. The person is extremely dangerous and should not be approach. He is wanted for terrorism and crimes against humanity and bloggers. The following outstanding warrants for his arrest are as follows:

1: Becoming a blogger whore

2: Having a hit on a follow blogger who's screen name is Kapgar. He can not get out of his head; "Kill the hobbit, Kill the hobbit" (Just kidding about the hit Kev. Thanks a lot for that!!)

3: Being too big hearted

4: Cares more about others then himself

5: Can kill you with his farts

6: Loves most animals

7: Gives out too much information on his blog

8: Doesn't feel like he takes good pictures with his shirt off he needs to work on upper body and abs.

9: His hidden talent is to be able to touch his nose with bottom lip. Warning his teeth are real!

10: Has a hidden fondness for all his blogger friends and more for his real life friends.

11: Desperately needs to get laid

12: Is a coffee whore

13: Has a great sense of humor

14: Scifi geek

15: (The most outstanding one) This fugitive from the law has a pistol in his pocket that could be detrimental to your health.

Should you see this man or know of any other violations. Call your local authorities immediately. Be afraid, very afraid. Substantial reward given for getting this man laid.


  • I have only one thing to say about this post...


    (you knew it was coming)

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 7:36 AM  

  • Yep. Be very afraid...

    By Blogger sue, At 9:10 AM  

  • AHAHAHAHHAAH! Fantastic pic!

    By Blogger WAT, At 1:41 AM  

  • I love that pic lmao!!

    By Anonymous SpecialGirlShari, At 11:33 AM  

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