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HIV IN Black America

Holy crap!! I saw part of a primetime special by before I passed out on ABC about HIV/AIDS in black Americans and was blown away by what I saw.

Wake up black America your lives are in danger. You need to start educating yourselves and not let the stigma of this disease kill you. You need to take a stand and fight for government benefits you are entitled. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in black women ages 25 to 45.

1/3 of all black Americans are infected by dirty needles. The government turns their back on needle exchange. Here in Santa Cruz County we have one of the best needle exchange programs in the country. From December 2004 to December 2005 only one person was reported being infected with HIV/AIDS from a dirty needle. You non profit Aids organizations need to call the Santa Cruz Aids Project at (831) 427-3900 to see what they are doing right.!!

HIV/AIDS needs to be tested in prisons. 40% of black prisoners come out infected and don't know they have HIV. They go out and sleep with partners and infect them too. Wake up, wake up, wake up everyone please!!! Right now I'm pissed and fighting mad from these statistics!!


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