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Sore, Tired, And Happy

I can tell you now that as the first of the year the boss and I will be changing salons. The past few days I have been getting things ready for our move and I have been very busy. We our giving the salon we are moving in a make over. I am so sore and tired from painting, stripping manicure tables, doing labor so I took the day off today. The next few weeks till the first are going to be hectic.

This past Saturday was our salon Christmas party. I had an amazingly fun time. It was at a place called Johnny's Harborside. Omg the food was amazing and the drinks were good too. In fact I ordered a Blue Hawaiian and the bartender forgot the pineapple juice. (All booze and no juice) A few swigs of my drink and I was feeling no pain!!

I got a really nice present from the boss for Christmas. It was a pair of Marco Delli Italian leather work shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of work shoes I have ever worn. I'm so happy to know that I'm doing well at work and I have a boss that appreciates me.


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