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Guinea Pig And Interview

So after work on Saturday, I got to be a guinea pig for the boss and our esthetician. Don't laugh at me but I had my eye brows wax and my brows and eyelashes tinted. Not only that, the boss and I had our backs waxed.

You see our esthetician just passed her state boards and needed practice in clients. The back wasn't too pain. When she waxed my neck it hurt like a S.O.B. I don't think I'll have that done again. My neck was sore for two days.

So yesterday I had an interview with one of the U.C.S.C. collage students. They teach a coarse on the HIV/AIDS meds and she wanted to talk to someone who takes the antivirals and the side effects. She was pleasant and enjoyable to talk with about the medications.

The only thing different I wished she would have done was have some questions prepared for the interview instead of winging the interview . I wasn't sure exactly what she wanted for her paper. I just hope that I gave her the correct information so she does well in the coarse.


  • OMG that little guinea pig is so freaking cute

    I want to take that class it sounds awesome

    By Anonymous krick, At 8:33 PM  

  • typical ucsc student.;)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 9:22 AM  

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