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Grand Re Opening And Termites

Well the salon is FINALLY finished with the remodel. The boss and I completed the work about 2:30 am Sunday morning. I think I worked something like 85 hours this week completing the salon. I didn't get home till 3 am and woke up by 6:30. I had to call the boss to wake him up.

You see we had our grand re opening party at 11:00 am. We had to get ready for the party and had to get the models hair ready to wear hair pieces. I will be posting pics later this week of the party do to I'm staying at Jules house for a few days.

The party went very well and we had anywhere from 50 to 75 people show up in a 6 hour time frame. After it was over, I was talking to my boss in his room. The conversation went something like this........

Boss: Well we really did it!! We got it done.

Me: Yes we did.

Boss: Oh by the way, I have something big for you wait here.


The Boss leaves and comes back with rest of the staff.

Candy: (our other stylist) I guess I get to tell you the big news. For all your hard work I'm giving you a massage on your OWN Massage table.

Yes the owner and The Boss our buying me a massage table for all my hard work. I was to stunned and tired to say anything. I just burst into tears.

So after the party I went to Jules house where I'm staying for a few days. They are termite tenting my place for the next three days. It couldn't have happened at a worse time for me but I'll survive. I'll be able to to spend time with Jules since her and her family are moving in the middle of March.

I'll miss Jules when she leaves. So I'll be blogging and doing computer work at her place till Thursday. Once I get back to my place I'll try to up load the pics from the party and show them to you. I love the way the salon turned out.


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