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Optomotrist And CMV Retinitis

So I went yesterday to the optomotrist to have my eyes checked. Well I found out I needed a new prescription. I also found out I lost some of my depth perception and that people with HIV/AIDS can get CMV (Cytomegalovirus) retinitis.

CMV retinitis is a disease that can cause blurred vision, floaters, decreased peripheral vision, light flashes and sudden loss of vision. If left untreated CMV retinitis can cause retinal detachment. HIV/AIDS patients can also have changes to the optic nerve and changes to the retina without having signs of CMV retinitis.

My source states:

CMV retinitis is caused by the cytomegalovirus, a very common virus: about 80% of adults harbor antibodies to CMV, which indicates their bodies have successfully fought it off. The difference for people who have AIDS is that their weakened or non-functioning immune system cannot stave off this virus. Other people with a weakened or suppressed immune system, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant, are also at risk.

In the past, 25% percent of people who have the later stages of the virus developed CMV retinitis. With the new meds they have now, this percentage is going down. I hope that this percentage keeps going down.

I should have my new glasses by this coming Monday. The optomotrist also wanted to talk to me about getting a pair reading glasses. I don't think I'm ready for them...yet. He also recommended I get my eyes checked every year. I don't know if the virus caused the changes in my vision or if my ass is just getting old. It could be from both things but I am not in the later stages of the AIDS virus. This is just one more thing I needed to learn living with HIV/AIDS.

Footnote: My source for this posting was from the website All About Vision.


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