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A Kewl AIDS Fund Raiser

So I was down at "The Org" yesterday just to say hi to the peeps. At the Christmas party the person in charge of fund raising had a great idea for a fund raiser. "SKYDIVING!!" I'm so excited about this idea. For those who are regular readers, you know it's one of the things I want to do in my life.

Yes I want to jump out of a plane doing a tandem jump. There are two places where we can jump in this area. One is in Monterey, the other is a town called Hollister. The gentleman in charge really digs the Monterey jump school. We would be able to see the whole Monterey bay when we jump from their facility.

I think the fund raising part is people will donate so much money to "The ORG" if we make the jump. He would also like to get autographed celebrity pics wishing us well if we go ahead with this fund raiser. So I maybe able to fulfil one of my life long dreams this year. Life is good right now.


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