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Getting Wiggy With it

So the boss has started working with the Monterey chapter of the American Cancer Society. While he was teaching one of their "Look Good, Feel Better" classes, one of their staff asked him if he new anyone who was good at washing, conditioning, and comb out hairpieces.

Well my boss told them that I was good at that project. The staff member stated that they had a lot of them. When the boss got to work yesterday, he pulled two huge bags out of his trunk full of hairpieces.

I did a count of the pieces and the total was 35 and need to have them done by Friday plus do my regular duties at work. I don't mind doing this project for a lot of women will benefit from my effort. Let's just say I'm going to be getting wiggy with it all this week at work and the back part of our salon looks like a wig factory.


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