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24 Feet Times 2

So I kept my promise to a friend this weekend to go to the boardwalk. Even though I was under the weather, I still had a really good time. Well I also can say I can cross one thing off my life list.

You know those climbing walls you see at amusements parks and carnivals? Well being under the weather I still tried to climb one of those walls. To my surprise I made it up the beginner wall which was 24 feet with no problem.

Then since you get two climbs, I tried the intermediate wall. I got to the top of that also which was 24 feet with no problem. When I came down from my second climb, the kids running the climbing booth congratulated me on my climbs. That was a real ego boost for me.

Now when I'm feeling better, I want to go back and try the expert wall just for fun. Santa Cruz also has a wall climbing gym called Pacific Edge I want to try. Their wall is 50 feet tall and I think I would have a blast trying that wall.


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