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Make* A * Wish For Adults?

With the controversy over The Orion groups fake video on the net about a youngster being granted a lifetime of wishes, I looked for an adult Make * A * Wish foundation for people who have chronic or terminal illnesses. Hoping maybe one of the organizations to make one of my dreams and wishes come true.

What I found was there are foundations for adults who are in the last 12 months of their lives to give wishes to adults. What I didn't find is any organizations who grants people who have chronic illnesses to grant their wishes. This leads me to believe if you have HIV taking your meds daily, fighting daily to stay healthy you don't qualify for these wishes.

It seems to me if you are not a fighter trying to stay healthy, not taking your meds and just wanting to lay down and die you would qualify for one of these wishes. From what I have seen living with HIV/AIDS the last three year this is the way benefits work also for people living with chronic illnesses.

All people who have chronic illnesses have dreams, wants, and desires. Some of mine are I'd like to have a laptop for I try to educate about HIV/AIDS on the web. I'd like to have a vacation somewhere like Hawaii, or Orland, Florida where there are a lot of theme parks. I'd like to fly to New York being in the cast of "RENT" as one of the characters on Broadway before it closes this June. I'd like to have a new flat screen television. How about a motorized vehicle to get around easier. I know I'm being selfish right now, but in my humble opinion I find it unfair to those of us who try to stay healthy who have wishes and dreams.

Footnote: As for the adults wishes for people who are terminal, the best one I have found so far is the Dream Foundation. Check them out to see the good work they do for adults.


  • Hi Poz Mikey,

    My name is Thomas Rollerson, Founder of the Dream Foundation. In 1994, after a battle with AIDS, my partner/soulmate of almost 10 years died. Just prior, I phoned wish granting organizations to bring him some comfort and joy. Like you, I was frustrated when I learned that many organizations existed for the final wishes of children, but nothing for adults. I had a choice, to lose myself in my frustration, anger and grief, or use it, towards making a positive change. Additionally, the love I had from friends and family and the eternal love of my partner was much stronger than my grief. So, I focused my frustration, which manifested into passion, and set out to pay the love forward.

    I never dreamed of serving the numbers we do today, and yet, as you pointed out the need is still great. I don't think any organization, certainly not Dream Foundation wants to exclude anyone enduring life's challenges. We simply don't have the resources to serve everyone, and as you can imagine, procuring support for adult wishes has it's challenges. With limited resources we do have to make some tough choices, and when I began, I chose to focus on those with the shortest life expectancy. With two small offices and budget, honoring the final wishes of all adults at end of life is not possible by one agency, let alone expanding to serve the millions of adults living with Chronic illness. Of course, it is my dream every human being could realize their dreams.

    When I began Dream Foundation the E.D. of the LA Make A Wish shared she was happy they at last had somewhere they could refer all the adults that called. Perhaps someday I'll be able to say the same for all the calls we get from those living with Chronic Illnesses.

    I hope you understand when I say, I'm glad you are blessed not to qualify for Dream Foundation, and with all my heart I hope YOU realize your dreams too!

    Thomas W. Rollerson
    Dream Foundation
    (805) 564-2131 office

    P.S. Thank you for you kind words of support for Dream Foundation!!!

    By Anonymous Thomas Rollerson, At 3:43 PM  

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