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Kaboom: My Life Has Exploded

For the last several weeks I feel my life feels like a kaboom. My life has exploded and not for the best. First is my boss's mother past away a few weeks ago. He handled it quite well and is dealing better with her passing each day.

Then we ended up changing salon because we out grew our room. That move took a few days but I can say our clients love the new place. I'm still getting use to the new details plus it's going to take a few weeks to fine tune everything in the new location.

About a week and a half ago, my mother had a major heart attack and nearly died in a grocery story. They kept her for awhile then released her from the hospital. Now she's back in the cardiac unit and is going to have open heart by pass surgery. I'm concerned about her and her age having this surgery. The surgery is going to take place on Monday.

For the past several weeks, I've had a little rectal bleeding. Knowing I was going to see my doctor in a couple weeks I held off talking to him till I saw him. Well, he did a rectal examine and felt a growth. He is going to be sending me to a colon specialist to see what's going on with my butt.

My labs dropped a little from the last set of labs. My Cd 4 (T cell count) went from 608 to 488 but my viral load went from 62 to 49 which means I'm undetectable which is good. With all that's going on in my life I haven't done too much HIV/AIDS education. Like I said "Kaboom!!! My life has exploded!!!" I will get back to educating on here and MySpace when things settle down. So please bare with me readers I'll be back educating again soon.



  • I'm sorry to hear about so much crap going on man. Stay as strong as possible Mikey.


    By Blogger WAT, At 7:30 PM  

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