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Form Letter

As I posted on my blog a few days ago, I wrote a message to Obama and Biden. Well I did get a response but it wasn't the response I was looking forward to hearing. It was a form letter. UGHHH! So here's the form letter for everyone to read.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me about our health care crisis. When 47 million
Americans have no health insurance and families and businesses are strained to
the breaking point, we know it's time for a change. This must be a top
national priority, and that's why I have introduced a plan to provide every
American with comprehensive, affordable, and portable coverage during my first
term as President.

I encourage you to read more about my plan, and watch the video of my health
care speech here:


I have the experience of bringing people together that's needed to
accomplish this goal. But it will take millions of voices united for change to
overcome the forces that have prevented meaningful health care reform in
Washington for so long. So take action. Thousands of Americans have sent in
their ideas and stories on health care and other policy issues through the My
Policy web tool, and I hope you will do the same through the link above.

To see more details of the plan, click here:


I am committed to covering everyone, and I hope you will join me in this fight.


Barack Obama

I would have liked a more personal reply. but it's alright I did get an answer.


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