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An Open Letter To Senators Obama and Biden

Dear Senators Obama and Biden,

My name is Mikey and about 4 years ago I found out I had AIDS and always will and not just HIV. Over the last four years, I have seen benefits and funding cut for people living in this country but have seen funding for people living with HIV/AIDS overseas get their funding increased. I lost my job a month ago due to the "Countrywide Mortgage" mess and I'm about ready to go on food stamps. I'm not eligible for ssi/ssd due to my number being good.

The only things I wanted in life this year was to get a high performance "Product Red" Laptop so I can get off my desk and see the world and still educate on the web, and the real world what's it's like living with AIDS.

The other thing I wanted was nice vacation to relieve some of the stress I have been under living with AIDS the last for years and now a growth in my colon that took 3 months for me to a specialist. Now due to this broken government both those hopes and dreams have been crushed.

I'll admit, I was miffed when you didn't pick Mrs. Clinton as you V.P. running mate and was going to go independent. After seeing your acceptance speech on Thursday you should me why I should vote for you.

What I'd like to know is what you are going to do for people in this country for people living with HIV/AIDS? I'd like to know how your going to fix the "Countrywide" mess so I get my job back to I can get that laptop I want and a vacation I so dearly need? I know I won't hear from you but I'd love to hear some answers in your campaign speeches. If you like to see my work I'm on myspace at www.myspace.com/mikeysantacruz.

I hope to get some answers soon and know what you are going to do about my questions.

Thank you


  • Hi Mikey,

    I'm so sorry about your loss of job. My husband lost his consulting job in April due to the "recession" and we have been struggling ever since to find him a job. He competes with over 300 marketing people each time there is a job opening. It sucks.

    I hope someone can give you answers soon, we sure could use some good news.

    By Blogger iteach, At 6:07 PM  

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