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Bay, Parker, Birthday

Bay is another woman in my life. She is a hippy chick with that European look working for her. She has three great kids, and doesn't watch television. Right now Bay is dating my roomie Parker. I really hope their love will survive. I see how both of them are meant to be together. Like all relations starting out both of them are learning each others quirks.
Bay jokes around with me that she wants to do me. I know she's joking, but who knows, maybe I'll take take her up on her offer.... NOT. I'm sorry dear I love you but you have the wrong equipment.
I am so impressed with the relationship she has with her children. Sunday we went to a free show in San Lorenzo park. Her son chicory joined us for the show. I joke with her that he's going to be a "Chick" magnet when he's older. We were walking home from the show and they were clowning around and my heart almost stop. They have a love bond between them so strong that nothing in heaven or hell, could come between Bay and chicory.
Yesterday was my birthday. All I wanted to do was lock my self in my room. Turn off everything. Hide under the bed for 24 hours. You see as I wrote in an earlier post. It was the worst birthday of my life. Well my friends here in Santa Cruz made this one much better. So props to Bay, Parker, Chris, Katie, Jorge,J.P., Ms. Sizzle http://www.sizzlesays.blogspot.com/ and Jules http://lilywhiteintentions.com/ Thank you my friends. I love you all. Mikey


  • damn, what if i wore a strap on?

    By Anonymous bay, At 12:59 PM  

  • i've seen the Bay/Chickory bond of which you speak and had the same damn reaction.

    Now about that atrap-on...

    - jules

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:16 PM  

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