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I'll admit I am a chat room addict. Yes there is one chat room I absolutely love and I hang out on line at nights. Some of you need to get your mind out the the gudder for it is not a men for men room. It's Ross "The Intern" Mathews chat room from "The Tonight Show."

Every time Ross is on "The Tonight Show" the chat room goes nuts and last night was no exception. We went from 21 to 101 people from the east coast feed of the show.

What was different last night we had people coming in making hateful, spiteful comments about his sexual orientation. Ross has NEVER said anything about his orientation and people are assuming that he is gay. Until Ross makes an announcement about his orientation we don't know for sure if he is or is not gay. A good example are actors playing gay roles.

Last night people came in bashing on Ross. The regular chatters considered the room "A HATE FREE ZONE!" Bashing is not allowed on Ross or anyone else. It showed me the bigotry that is in this country and the redneck morality this administration is still teaching!!

I go to his chat room as a stress release from everyday life. Laughter they say is the best medicine. Those who know me well in the flesh and on line know I love to laugh. Yes we do have a few people that like to cause "drama" on a regular basis. Those are the voices of the ones and not the many.

I'll still keep going into the chat room and having a good time. If I read you bashing someone on their sexual orientation I going to slam your asses so you are fore warned.

If you like to talk to me some night in the chat room you can click here. It will take you right to the login page. I'm known in there as MikeySantaCruz.


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