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Crikey Mikey, Steve Irwin's Dead

I'll admit it, I was a fan of Steve Irwin's aka "The Crocodile Hunter." I may not have agreed with some of his antics like the controversy with his son in 2004, but no one can disagree that he had a love of animals.

Mr. Irwin tried to educate the public about natures beast. Yes, his love was the crocs was over the top, but he featured all animals on his show. Him and his wife Terri believed all animals had the right to survive on this earth.

Mr. Irwin died doing what he loved, filming a documentary on the deadliest animals in the world. He was stung by a sting ray and passed away on Sunday.

Most people don't know that the sting ray is a member of the shark family. When you go to aquariums and pet sting rays, your petting a ray who's barb has been cut off it's tail.

Now Mr. Irwin can can watch all of Gods creatures from heaven. Just to show you what a good sport he was mates, you can click here to see Mr. Irwin's amazing sense of humor.


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