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Dear #43

Dear #43,
Why can't you tell the American public the truth for once. First we went to war in Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. When none was found, now it's the war terrorism.

If our men can find what's his name buried in a hole, why can't we find Bin Laden? For me, I don't really think you want to find him. It is your only foot hold to keep yourself in office.

You are running this country down in the ground and your clueless on how to turn it around. We are loosing are best allies and they don't want to deal with us because of what you have done.

Tony Blair is resigning because of you. France and Germany didn't want you to go to war on Iraq because they didn't believe that country had weapons of mass destruction. Those countries were right.

All I hear lately is that you have broken every constitutional right of every American and your poll ratings show how we feel about you. You using your 911 speech to promote your political authority was outrageous.

Those people died because of you. You knew something big was going to happen and you didn't warn us. Why are you taking credit for something the English government forted.

I wish you would just resign or get impeached and take that pet "DICK" you have along beside you. Let someone else get this country back on track. I know I will be voting for Hillary in 2008. She sure as hell can do a lot better of a job then you and your party is doing! I'm not even going to get into stem cell research and the NSA.


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