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I'm In A Slightly Negative Place

Now that the shock of the doctors visit is over, I find myself to be in a slightly negative mood. I know I am going to have to work threw these times living with HIV/AIDS. I have also learned in myself that it's alright to give myself permission to feel negative once in awhile.

The doctor doesn't think that the kidney failure is permanent. They are working at 54%. He did say that it would take awhile for me to recuperate from the Viread in the Truvada.

I think what upset me more then finding out about my kidneys was my numbers. My viral load went from undetectable to 658 and my T-cells went from 469 to 440.

I also called the Santa Cruz Aids Project to let them know I wouldn't be participating in the 60 mile bike ride on October first. I do not want to put more strain on my body then what is necessary. I will admit I am disappointed and they said I could still ride is I was up for the ride.

I also found out that with the beta version of blogger dashboard I can't comment on some blogs like Donnie at mugshot mania and Wat's blog. Blogger said we would be able to in the future.

I want to thank everyone for their support. This is just another hurdle in life's journey I need to overcome living with HIV.


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