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The Day After

Well it's the day after Christmas and I made it threw the season. Yesterday I called Jules and her family to wish her a merry Christmas. All of us in our house exchanged presents and had Christmas dinner together.

After we had dinner two friends of mine Ruby, and Ms. Youth came over and we went out looking at the Christmas lights. We went to a nursing home next to Ms. Youth's work and OMG I have NEVER seen a light show like they displayed. I'm hoping to go there and take pictures or a video for you. We also saw another house where the roof looked like a run way for Santa or N.A.S.A.

Then we went to a friends house of theirs and exchanged presents there too. I must admit I loved Christmas this year compared to the last few Christmases. Some of the kewl gifts I received this year were:

1: Amazon gift certificate

2: A key chain digi camera

3: Two dvds I wanted

4: A few candles

5: Other gift certificates

One of the biggest things that totally blew my mind was my Christmas bonus from my boss. The bonus was a pair of Marco Delli Italian leather designer pair of shoes. (pic shown) I have been wearing them to parties and work and they are the most comfortable work shoes I have ever owned.


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