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Big Brotherish

So the other night I was in chat and they were talking about Google Earth. They were talking about how amazing it was so I down loaded it to my PC. Well I typed in my address and it took me about to my house.

It was a few houses off but OMG Google Earth is way too big brotherish. When anyone can get a crystal clear shot of your house from space we have a problem. I wonder if the NSA uses Google Earth? Who knows when they are spying on you, or what technology they have that hasn't been released.
Have we become an Orwell nation? Has 1984 become a reality right under our noses? I just really don't know. To show you what I mean, I'm showing you my place. I have cropped it due to at the bottom it gives my coordinates. What do you think are we living in a 1984 world?


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