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My Life Right Now

Right now my life is very hectic. It seems that I have had very little time out for myself. All I've been doing lately is eating, sleeping and working. Once this remodel is done at the salon, I know I'll have some free time.

I must admit I do like the money I'm getting right but it's not going to last. My hours will be cut back till the new salon takes off. I'm trying to and have purchased a few things I wanted like a flat screen for my computer. I just acquired Adope Photo Shop 5.0 elements (which I still need to learn how to use.) I'm going to be getting Windows Vista when it's released at the end of the month.

Last night I also learned I have to leave my house for three days. They are going to tent where I'm living for termites in the middle of February. Jules and Remy have graciously gave me permission to crash on their couch those three or four nights.

I also found out my boss is going to give me a raise by March 1st. WOOHOO !!


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