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Kidneys, Sinuses, Labs

Today I went to the doctor today and I do have a kidney infection. He gave me these pills which are going to turn my urine gold and orange. Now I really can follow the golden stream.

Most of you don't know I have been having lots of problems with my sinuses. My doctor think I may have a chronic sinus infection and I had to get x-rayed today. My sinuses wake me up in the middle of the night and sometimes it feels like I'm choking on my phlegm. Well I'll see what he had to say about this problem.

My labs were good this visit. My viral load was again undetectable and my viral load dropped 35 points to 505. My doctor said that drop was nothing to worry about that your T-cells can fluctuate that much minute by minute.

Oh btw I also lost seven pounds. I talked to my doctor about my lack of energy. He stated people living with HIV/AIDS can over exert themselves to the point where they become fatigued and it may take a few weeks to pounce back to normal. In fact, I had to laugh for he was dealing with the same issue. He told me I had to slow my pace down.


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