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Two Crappy Days

The last two days have been really crappy for me.

So here's the load down of what's happening...


  • Woke up yesterday not feeling like myself.
  • 8:30-Dentist appointment where she had to cut my gum a little to fill a cavity near my gum line. I was swallowing small amounts of blood all day.
  • 10:00- House meeting where there is always some type of drama.
  • 2:00- Met with county case worker and what she told me were things I didn't want to here but knew. I'm to healthy to get disability and don't make enough to get a place on my own.
  • 5:00- Urine started to burn went I went to the bathroom.

  • Woke up feeling like shit.
  • Urine burned all day.
  • I can't get into see my doctor till Tuesday.
  • Throat started getting sore and I'm hoping it's not thrush again.
  • 12:15 Boss gets a call saying his mother was in hospital and having surgery tomorrow.
  • Dealt with high maintenance clients all day.

I feel like crap right now!!


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