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I Couldn't Fix It

There must have been a shift in the universal energy this week. OMG it was just one thing after another this week at work. So many things were happening in peoples personals lives at the salon and I couldn't do one damn thing to fix anything of what was happening.

I'll just say it was the week from hell. I felt frustrated (and so did the boss) and both of us just wanted to say fuck it and walk out for good. Nether of us has had a week like this in ages. I guess my friends you already know I take care of the salon and my boss. You also know I'm a very caring and giving person.

What you don't know is I try to help and care for everyone else at the salon. I have to learn I'm not Superman and I can't fix the world on person at a time. I'm so emotionally and physically drained this morning. I also had a few melt downs this week Thursday night and Friday morning I just wanted to yell at the universe "Give me a break this week!!!" The term "Ripping people new assholes" also came to mind a few times this week.


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