Poz Mikey


The Wipe Out

Yesterday I was boogie boarding at my favorite spot here in Santa Cruz. I so shouldn't have gone. The beach was filled with tourist and children and get in the way of the locals having fun. Well I suited up and strapped my board to my back and was off to have fun.

The first wave I caught on my board was great. The waves were half way decent and just right for boarding. I caught two or three more waves. When I was on my next wave that's when disaster struck. There was a little girl who's back was to me. Instead of running her down with my board, or bailing out cause it was too late I snapped my hand out to get her out of the way.

When doing so, I snapped my leash and I slightly jammed my right wrist. I don't think my leash can be replaced on my board. So today I'm going to invest in a better board and I already have a better leash. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to have a kind heart.


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