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So awhile back my doctor said that my T cell count was high enough for me to go back in the water. I've been dying to get back in the water, but the water here in Santa Cruz is very cold. It's so cold you need a wet suit to stay in the water any amount. of time.

This weekend I found a very good, used, neck opening, 4/3mm wet suit. The price was only $60.00 dollars for the suit. Now the ones I have been looking at new run between $200.00 and $400.00 dollars and they didn't fit me well.

I purchased a very good boogie board at Costco for $30.00 dollars a few months ago. The place where I bought my wet suit had a boogie board bag on consignment for only $25.00 dollars. New they run $50.00 dollars and I scored that bag too.

Now I can carry my boogie board and my suit on my back while riding my bike with no issues. Do you think I'm stoked right now? Hell yeah, I went into the water today. BTW one of my roomies just told me while I was boogie boarding, a surfer was hit by a 20 great white in Marina which is less then half an hour from where I was boogie boarding. Well I do live in the red triangle.


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