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Big Events

So within the next few weeks I have some big events coming up in my life, The first one is a blogger BBQ on September 8th. I'm so excited to see these bloggers and chat buddies. I can see us all now sitting at the picnic table with our computers saying..."Instant message me or post me, post me!!"

On September 30th it will be the three year anniversary of when I found out I had HIV/AIDS. From going from full blown AIDS to where I am now, I have to believe in miracles and a higher being. From living with this disease I have found out I have a inner strength which I never dreamed to think was in me.

From October 1-7 our salon will be participating in the trichotillomania salon week. We are going to give people a safe environment to take care of there needs. To learn more you can visit the TLC website here.

On October 6 it will be my birthday. I'm not sure exactly how I want to celebrate because of work and trich salon week. I do know I would love to go skydiving for my birthday. I'm not sure if it's going to happen this year but if I save enough and talk someone in going with me, I'd love to jump tandem out of a plane. It's one of about seven of my life goals.


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