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Discriminated Against Because Of HIV and Labs

I'm pissed and confused tonight due to two things. First thing is I'm pissed because I was discriminated against from getting a facial and extractions at the local cosmetology school for having HIV. Yes, The Shoreline School Of Cosmetology refused to allow anyof their students to work on me. This tells me a number of things. First and foremost is most likely they have NOTHING in their curriculum about handling people who have HIV and skin care and blood. I think their head esthetician was even afraid of me. I'm so pissed right now. I also believe they must not teach proper sterilization techniques. What are these estheicians going to do in the real world to handle clients who have HIV!! I also wonder about their manicurist. Discrimination is alive and well in the USA.

Right now I am so confused by my lab work. First my ABS. CD4 count has dropped from 540 to 464 in the last six month. Get this number, the cd4 % POS lymphocytes has jumped from 23 to 29 percent which is the highest mine have ever been since testing positive. Would someone PLEASE tell me how the hell my T cells can drop but the percentages go up!!


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