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Lost Definition And Possible Date

For the past few months I haven't really felt like working out. I've been down a lot the past few months. My energy level has also been down. I took a good look at myself today and realized I had lost some of my definition.

I think one of the reasons I stopped working out was one of my roommates grabbed my ass back in May. I am so not interested in this person in a sexual or relationship statis. I still don't trust this person as far as I can throw him.

So today I said the hell with him and again started my workout. I did a half workout today to start to build up where I was earlier this year. I also want look look good for the possible date I have next month with someone who is moving to Santa Cruz from New York.

The man is 35 and he's also HIV positive. For me to date someone who is HIV positive would be amazing since they know all the med issues and side effects. I just hope this person is as good looking as his pic if we go out on a date. To see my possible date you can click here. By his looks do you think he's good enough for me?


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