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Sign In The Sky

I always say bizarre and weird things happen to me. Last night was no exception to this fact. I went outside and looked up at the sky while having a smoke. ( I smoke get over it.) Well it was a semi cloudy night with the moon shining behind the clouds. To my amazement what is the shape I see in a cloud. It was the shape of a cause ribbon.

Now I usually don't see shape in clouds anymore since I was a child. Could this be a sign from the universe, God, or the higher being. I just stood there stunned for a moment for it was shaped so perfect. I don't know if this sign in the sky was a good or bad omen but I truly believe it was a sign.

By the time I was able to move and get my camera, the clouds had shifted. I'm wondering if I'm the only one that saw this cloud formation. I just pray to the higher being that it was a great omen!!


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