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The Miracle Worker

I have seen my boss do some amazing things with peoples hair hair but nothing can compare with what he did this week. I think of him no as a miracle worker. Why do I call him a miracle worker? Well, this week he got a friend of mine into his chair and cut her hair. She's needed a haircut for awhile but is the type of person who thinks it would be an inconvenience to the stylist. Yes you read that right. Hell, she was on her way out the door!! He just kept suggesting things and now her hair looks much, much, better.

The second reason I think he is a miracle worker is we had a hairpiece client who was a quadriplegic. He suffers intense pain and was paralyzed from a sporting accident. He was getting a hairpiece for he's getting surgery and they have to shave his head.

During his haircut and hairpiece cut down it was time for his medications. The friend who were with him administered his medication. Half way into the cut down he passed out from his pain killers. Not only did he pass out, he was I would call completely unconscious to the whole hair style. I was so surprised that my boss could work on this client. Both cuts did look fantastic which I'm sure the client was pleased once he regained consciousness. That's why I considered my boss a miracle worker!!


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