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What The Fuck

Sometimes you just have to say "What the fuck go for it." What I'm talking about is my boss gave me two very nice cash amount gift cards to the Gap. So I went to our local Gap today to purchase some items. Well, I've had my eye on a really nice sweater and wanted a new pair of jeans.

They still had the sweater I wanted in stock and in my size. Now for the the jeans. Every size they had in mens jeans in my waist size were too long in the legs. Oh sure, I could have had them hemmed but sometimes I'm impatient to wait for hemming.

So I said "What the fuck " and asked to try on some ladies jeans. If the fit right and were masculine enough, I would wear ladies jeans. Much to my surprise, I found the almost perfect pair of jeans for me. They fit my waist, hug my hips and I do not need them shorten. The only thing I do not like about them are the pockets are to shallow for my taste.

"What the fuck," so do I go for something that doesn't fit well for convenience of deep pockets? Do I go for a pair of jeans that fit me the best I've purchased in quite I long time? I said "What the fuck" and purchased a pair of 2A stretch curve jeans that fit my body type. I do say I really like the outfit I picked out today. I can always put my wallet and other things in my backpack!!


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