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Under The Weather

For the past few days I've been sick. I have a sore throat, chills, fever, no energy, and been sleeping a lot. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor who gave me some anti biotics. Sometimes I get very irked with cyber land. My prescription was lost in a place where I'll call area 51. It took me hours to get a hold of someone to have my script resent to the pharmacy. Let's just say it took me from 8am to 5pm just to see my doctor and get my prescription. Is it any wonder that Michael Moore did a film on our messed up medical system?


  • Yes, even with insurance, it sux. I cannot for the life of me believe we live in such a developed country with crappy health care! MY GOD!

    Good vibes to u buddy, feel well soon okay? Get lots of rest/sleep, watch good TV, and eat good food.


    By Blogger WAT, At 1:55 AM  

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