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Are you Sirius?

A few weeks ago the salon signed up for Sirius satellite radio. They have all types of stations on Sirius. Such titles as the Elvis station, a Broadway, new age, sports, talk, and other genera stations. Well, we had a small break when no clients were in the salon. We turned it onto the Gay And Lesbian station. There was a gay dude and a lesbian talking about something. Then we hear the gay dude say to the lesbian (with a lisp) "You know, I only need three things in life. A sandwich, my remote, and a blow job!"

We were like OMG, we can't have this on when clients are in the salon. Then I got to thinking. Hmmm, I can go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. I know where my remote controls are located. Now where the hell is that blow job!!. Baaaaa haaaaa haaaa!!


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