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Make * A * Wish For Adults Part 2: A Response

When I wrote "Make * A * Wish For Adults", I was frustrated that I couldn't find an organization to grant wishes to people like myself with chronic illnesses. Never in my life did I ever expect a response from the founder of the "Dream Foundation" on one of my blogs. This small act shows me that the work I'm doing on my blog and myspace is starting to pay off. That I am educating people on the net. Though this wasn't as good as one of my wishes being granted, it was almost as good as one of my wishes being granted. Respect and notoriety is amazing to me supporting an illness in my opinion will never be cured. I do feel we will develope a vaccine for the HIV/AIDS virus. Below is the comment I found on one of my blogs today. I'm as giddy as a school girl winning home coming queen.

Hi Poz Mikey,

My name is Thomas Rollerson, Founder of the Dream Foundation. In 1994, after a battle with AIDS, my partner/soul mate of almost 10 years died. Just prior, I phoned wish granting organizations to bring him some comfort and joy. Like you, I was frustrated when I learned that many organizations existed for the final wishes of children, but nothing for adults. I had a choice, to lose myself in my frustration, anger and grief, or use it, towards making a positive change. Additionally, the love I had from friends and family and the eternal love of my partner was much stronger than my grief. So, I focused my frustration, which manifested into passion, and set out to pay the love forward.

I never dreamed of serving the numbers we do today, and yet, as you pointed out the need is still great. I don't think any organization, certainly not Dream Foundation wants to exclude anyone enduring life's challenges. We simply don't have the resources to serve everyone, and as you can imagine, procuring support for adult wishes has it's challenges. With limited resources we do have to make some tough choices, and when I began, I chose to focus on those with the shortest life expectancy. With two small offices and budget, honoring the final wishes of all adults at end of life is not possible by one agency, let alone expanding to serve the millions of adults living with Chronic illness. Of course, it is my dream every human being could realize their dreams.

When I began Dream Foundation the E.D. of the LA Make A Wish shared she was happy they at last had somewhere they could refer all the adults that called. Perhaps someday I'll be able to say the same for all the calls we get from those living with Chronic Illnesses.

I hope you understand when I say, I'm glad you are blessed not to qualify for Dream Foundation, and with all my heart I hope YOU realize your dreams too!

Thomas W. Rollerson
Dream Foundation
(805) 564-2131 office

That is the response today that blew my socks off and out the door. Please support the Dream Foundation. Adults with terminal and chronic illnesses have dreams too.


  • Here are some of the results of messing with the creator. Light, Life, Love Ruth http://video. google.com/ videoplay? docid=6068096409 136912010

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:24 PM  

  • POWER... Where does power come from? Here is a example of where real power comes from. Light, Life, Love. Ruth http://video. google.com/ videoplay? docid=3031978580 614595149

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:30 PM  

  • I agree that there should be organizations who grants wishes for senior citizens with chronic illnesses. I want to start the Senior Citizens' Dream Fund but need help from anyone who can. Rosemade55, http://rmason.blogware.com/blog/youcanmakemoneysellingthesingleparentsguide/

    By Anonymous rosemade55, At 12:05 AM  

  • Check out what I found while searching for adult wish granting organizations:

    Adult-Focused Wish Organizations
    Adult Wish Foundation
    To grant “reasonable” wishes to adults; 18 and above with life-threatening illnesses; while supporting surviving family members. To enrich their lives with respect, love, and hope.
    Deliver the Dream
    For families - when a child develops a life-threatening disease, or a parent is diagnosed with a debilitating illness
    Dream Foundation
    Dream Foundation is a national wish-granting organization who grants the wishes of terminally ill adults aged 18 to 65.
    Her Heart's Wish
    National organization dedicated to granting the wishes of adult women who are facing terminal illness.
    Never Too Late
    Staffed by a passionate group of volunteers who donate their time and talents to help make the dreams and wishes of the forgotten elderly and terminally ill adults come true.
    Twilight Wish Foundation
    Has a mission is to honor and enrich the lives of deserving seniors through wish granting celebrations connecting Generations.
    The Warrior's Wish Foundation
    Enhances the lives of United States Military Veterans and their families who are battling a life-limiting illness.

    There's a lot of help out there. It's awesome to see - but I also wish there were event more. The Dream Foundation is amazing, isn't it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:35 PM  

  • I have a terminal disease and have been given less than a year to live. I would never consider asking for something for myself from one of these organizations. Have you no shame. Sorry Guess your profile self description shows you dont.
    Grow up be a man and die with some dignety

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:33 PM  

  • Wow. Harsh much? Just because you're willing to kick the bucket without doing anything worth while doesn't mean that the rest of us are. Also before you tell me to grow up and be a man let me just set you straight by saying that I'm a girl.

    On that note, I seriously don't see what makes children so special. Yes, they're younger than we are but we were all that age at one point. If they survive their battle with the "boohoo poor me" virus then they'll eventually grow up to be adults too. Adults have more disappointments in life than children do anyway. Add on top of that the fact that they're dying and I'd say that they deserve to have their wishes granted!

    I would apologize for sounding harsh but you were acting like a bitch first. So do us a favor. Get your head out of your ass and realize that people of all ages should be able to see their dreams come true before they leave this world. Thank you.

    By Blogger Gwendolyn Hancroft, At 10:07 AM  

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