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So as I have written on this blog, I've been laid off from job and dealing with the state trying to get my benefits and other things in order. Well I've been jumping threw all their hoops and things still aren't in order. Every time I do everything they want me to they come up with another barrier I have to get over.

Needless to say, they have me so stressed out, frustrated, angry, and depressed that I'm about ready to check myself in the local hospital under a 5150. A 5150 is a mental break down!! To give you some idea of what I've been dealing I'll give you a few details.

The first is about three and a half weeks ago I tried to sign up for food stamps. Well yesterday I got my food stamp card and they put money on it so I can buy food. Yes they put the money on the card but the forgot to activate the card so I can buy food. Now I have to wait till Monday and go back to the state and have them activate the card so I can buy food.

Now for the hum dinger. Health benefits and A.D.A P (AIDS Drug Assistance Program.) It has taken me taken me three months just to see a colon specialist and I don't see him until the 22nd of this month for the growth in my colon. I went in to renew my benefits at the beginning of this month was told I needed two more documents. WELL!! I got the documents, went back in yesterday, and the computer spit out two more things for me to do till I get my A.D.A.P. Believe it or not one of them was a form they wanted the people the run my house to fill out. DON'T tell me I need a letter from the people that own the houser and then give me the form for them to fill out after you've been faxed the letter you wanted in the first place. They are sooo screwed up in that office that I'm going to say it again, they have me soo spinning right now I feel like I'm about to have mental break down.

Oh and now to top off everything off, one of my case workers at the state is on medical leave for a month as of two days ago and no one informed me of her leave. All the work we've been doing for the last month is down the tubes. I have to start a lot of things all over again with a new case worker till she gets back. All I have to say is "I'm ready for my prozac Mr. Demille!!"


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