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Ok my friends. I am a medical user, and don't have a problem with people using medical. Last night I went out to get my bike to go to seven eleven, and four young folk were sitting in our backyard. I noticed they had rolling papers, and one of the urchins were rolling. Well I said " Excuse me, this is private property you'll have to leave now." The one urchin snapped back to me "It's just tobacco dude." WELL, they must have thought I was an idiot. Your sitting at a picnic table in someone else's backyard. It's dark so no one can see what your doing. Your there rolling tobacco? I think NOT. Just be truthful about your actions. If they would have been honest I would have not been upset. If they didn't lie to me. There was a possibility I would have left them stay in the back yard and enjoy themselves. Saying " It's just tobacco dude" pissed me off. So my friends, just be honest to me. Rodney King said it best. "Can't we all just get along!!!"


  • wish all were that honest.we tell lies b'cause of fear.....fear of being found out for what we really are...

    By Blogger ayaz rasool, At 9:41 AM  

  • funny thing is, if we were all exposed, i suspect we'd find out how alike in those hidden ways, many of us are.

    - jules

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:20 AM  

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