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Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Jule's friend River came over yesterday and kid napped me for a few hours. She took me to Jule's place and we all went out for lunch. The place we went to is a well known salad and soup joint. Afterwards I ask to stop into Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at some bed necessities. After I found out what the items cost for what I was interested in, we all looked around some more. All of a sudden I saw one of the employee's that took my breath away and asked Jules if I could have anything in the store. She turns to me laughing " Who is he? " I nod my head towards the person she says "Very nice!!" So for the next few minutes Jules, River, and myself have a good laugh. Talking about durability, strength, quality, wear and tare, it was just the right size, how that cover would keep me very warm, and was suited for me!!! As River was bring me home I started talking about the employee at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and started laughing again. Needless to say I would have liked to have had this certain employee to take me to his Bed, Bath, and Beyond . Thank you River for kid napping me for a few hours!!


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