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Mall Entertainers

Every weekend I like to go down to Pacific Avenue to watch the street entertainers. There is such a diverse amount of performers trying there best to get your dollar. There's the little old Latino man playing the violin. The drummers always in front of New Leaf market every Friday night . The guy dressed as a clown playing the piano. The accordion player who has some of the most unique costumes I have ever seen. The two torrot card readers always willing to tell your fortune. Many guitar players just sitting there strumming there stuff. Homeless people who can't carry a tune singing there hearts out. Bad rappers making up the weirdist rhymes I ever herd. The break dancers always in front of O'Neals surf shop showing off there latest moves. There is one entertain who I haven't seen in awhile. He was a juggler that used crystal balls. This gentlemen had some amazing moves. He reminded me of David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. He was always in front of the Del Mar doing his tricks. He was so good he should be performing on a stage somewhere. I hope he got a contract.


  • is that the juggler boy with the blonde curls? i totally dig him. in part, because he juggles with style and in part because one day i was struggling to move the trash bin off the street and found myself blocking his path. when i apologized for the inconveninece, he just smiled and said "that's ok, i'm not in any kind of hurry today".

    anyway, i love the street performers too


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:24 PM  

  • Yes it is Jules.

    By Blogger Mikey, At 11:31 PM  

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