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For those who know me know that I'm a huge movie buff. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today. Some you will know. Others you will not recognize. So here's a list for you to check out. Dirty Pictures this film stars James Woods and is about the photographer Roger Maplethorp and the controversy at Cincinnati museum . Boondock Saints this about two brothers that take there fathers place as assassins. This film is worth renting just to see death by toilet. The original Jaws which I still need to get on DVD. Aliens those who know me know I'm a fanatic for this film. Eight Legged Freaks this cult film has some really good sound and sight gags. Titanic what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic. The Andromeda Strain this was one of the first books by Michael Crichton made into film. The Forbin Project another 60's cult classic about man and computer. The original Highlander this is worth renting to see the unique transitions from one scene to the next. These are only a few I could mention. Till tomorrow my friends. Laters


  • eight legged freaks was a fun flick. :)

    i'll have to check out some of your suggestions.

    jaws still scares me but it's a great film. ;)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 7:07 PM  

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