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But Can They Sing

I was homo alone (not a Typo) all last night. So I took the mute off my computer and checked out the V spot at VH1.com. I came across a show called "But Can They Sing" or as I want to call it WHO THINK THEY CAN SING. Well after lusting over the clips of Michael Copon who is a former Power Ranger, and Carmen Gotti who's part of the Gotti Hotties. Then listening to an ear wrenching rendition of Cher's "Believe"(which I love) performed by Morgan Fairchild. I checked out a clip by a performer named Bai Ling(who played in The Lords Of Dogtown). She did the classic Ramones number "I Want To Be Sedated"(one of the few songs I liked by the Ramomes.) Oh my god you fellow blogger's!!! You need to check out this clip!!! In the 80's one of my best friends from high school was into a punk rocker named Wendy O. Williams. She was in a group called the Plasmatics. Wendy used to wear leather and plexi glass outfits, and used a chain saw on stage. Needless to say Bai Ling's outfit and performance puts Wendy's to shame. So warning to parents out there this content has sexual overtones!!!! So go to the V spot at Vh 1 and check out this WILD WOMAN.


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