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The Hounds

For some reason my life is being surrounded by "The Hounds." Like I said I had lunch with Jules yesterday and her miniature greyhound tried to hump my arm all day. I think he smelled the female lab that is in our house for a few months. Can we just say he needed some "private time" for he was fully erect. Sorry Iggy I am not into beastiality.

Then there is Ben's dogs at tgifhounds. I love what he does to Rufus and Roscoe(shown). Everytime I go to his sight I am "ROFLMAO." They say laughter is the best medicine and I love to laugh at these two hounds. They are so cute you really need to check out his site.

I didn't forget you Lola. Lola is Jules's slightly over weight beagle(part of the hound family). I love how she will lay on the couch not move any part of her body but her tail. How can she do that? I think the universe is telling me I should be a hound dog too.


  • until most recently when i was tested for allergies.... i so very much wanted a bassett hound ...named george. cute photo.

    By Blogger Moonchild, At 10:56 PM  

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