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The Back Flip

For 18 years of my life I was a gymnast. My father was the person who got me interested in gymnastic. At the age of 6 he taught me how to stand on my head, after that I was hooked. I would stand on my head so much when my mother went to talk to me she was always talking to my feet. I stood on my head so much all the hair rubbed off. Yes I was a bald headed 6 year old.

All through grade school gymnastics was my favorite in gym class. I was ask to put on a demonstration representing the boys class and my friend Lori was the girls class at a parents teachers night.

In junior high I was allowed to practice with the boys high school team. I loved it. In high school I was co captain of our team and set the school record for tumbling. A record that stood for ten years before I broke it.

In college, I was tenth in division 3 north Alantic championships. I missed going to nationals by two spots.(damn) After college I taught a few times and worked out anywhere I could the gym, the backyard(No, I didn't do my most difficult tricks on the grass).

So now I am 43 and live at a house with a very nice backyard. Justin (who I call Church Mouse cause he's so quite) and I were in the yard and the grass looked too tempting to me. I informed Justin I feel like doing a round off back flip. Giving little thought of my age I went for it. Holy Shit Batman I made it around without hurting myself. Was it my best? No it was low and I put my hands down on the landing. I shouldn't expect perfection for not having done one in years. I am just amazed that my body at 43 could still do a back flip. Justin was totally blown away I could do a flip.


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